Cracking hearts with music!

This claim can be felt in all releases of the young label cracked anegg records. Positioned between the musically varied areas of jazz, nujazz, songs and beyond and Viennese world music, mainly the artists of the Austrian scene are the focus of the productions. Successful mergers of international stars with local musicians such as on the albums “Humans & Places”, “The Vienna Affair”, “c.o.d.e.” make the label widely known beyond the Austrian borders.

With the crack shop – the label own online shop – cracked anegg records also offers other musicians and small labels a professional platform for worldwide sales.

In 2013 a new serial “Music for Children” has been established: After the closing of the label “Extraplatte” by Harald Quendler and the contemporary death of the musician Erich Meixner, the cult settings of the picture book classics “Die Geggis” and “Valerie und die Gute-Nacht-Schaukel”, which had emerged in the 80s, were suddenly out of print. In 2013, cracked anegg was able to acquire the rights to republish. Two years later, the new serial was extended with “Flügel hat mein Schaukelpferd” and “Das kleine Ich bin ich”. With “Music for Children” cracked anegg has also entered into the book market (Ö, D).

cracked anegg records is funded by the SKE fund of the Austro-Mechana.