Gaz-Eta – Polish music magazine

Subtitled “Play the Music of Ornette Coleman and Eric Dolphy”, C.O.D.E.’s record is a delight to the senses. Quartet consists of Ken Vandermark on clarinets and tenor, Max Nagl on alto sax, and a rhythm section of bassist Clayton Thomas along with percussionist Wolfgang Reisinger. Arrangements of the pieces are divided more or less equally amongst the band members. I’m blatantly partial to Dolphy numbers. Take in Vandermark’s intoxicating bass clarinet blows on “The Madrig Speaks, The Panther Walks” or the evident humour on “Hat and Beard”. Not that I’m saying the Coleman numbers are any worse or lacking in quality. The band’s take on “Dee Dee” and “Free Jazz” are loose and tightly executed. I especially love the interplay between Vandermark’s striking tenor and Nagl’s assertive alto. Add to this the swinging rhythm section, and you’ve got yourself an hour worth of solid fun.

Tom Sekowski – July 2010