Gina Schwarz Pannonica

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All Alone 2020

Artists: Lorenz Raab (trumpet & flugelhorn), Lisa Hofmaninger (soprano saxophone & bass clarinet), Alois Eberl (trombone), Florian Sighartner (violin), Clemens Sainitzer (violoncello), Philipp Nykrin (piano), Christopher Pawluk (guitar), Gina Schwarz (bass & composition), Judith Schwarz (drums)

When the lockdown was imposed on Vienna in November, 2020, the Austrian jazz bassist and composer Gina Schwarz withdrew to her countryside hometown and responded to the vicissitudes of the pandemic as an artist.
The album “All Alone 2020” was created within six days, six pieces that – according to their titles – are very different in their compositional concept, character and mood:
“Communication in Isolation”, “Motion in Freeze”, “Structured Chaos”, “Wistful Euphorism”,
“All Alone – Together in the Long Run” & “Farewell to Resignation”.
The creatively arranged brass sections and the melodic string parts create unconventional shapes, colours and tension in the music. The skillfully employed soloists of the nonet “Pannonica” increase the intensity even more.
The two bonus tracks highlight two further emotional challenges:
“Duolouge” – in a sonically fascinating melting pot of bass and extended drums, the “family duo” interacts in an almost telepathic familiarity.
“Monologue” – the album closes with a lyrical improvisation over an arco soundscape. This self-talk bass overdub piece shows another aspect of isolated life in lockdowns – all alone.

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Gina Schwarz Pannonica
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Gina Schwarz
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Gina Schwarz
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STRUCTURED CHAOS by Gina Schwarz & Pannonica
live at Studio 2, RKH Vienna

FAREWELL TO RESIGNATION by Gina Schwarz & Pannonica
live at Studio 2, RKH Vienna