Gerard Guse | Gina Schwarz | Ramon Lopez

crack0066 - Release Jun 2018


Künstler: Gerard Guse (guitar), Gina Schwarz (bass), Ramon Lopez (drums)

The new international trio with guitarist Gerard Guse (Ibiza), bassist Gina Schwarz (Vienna) and drummer Ramon Lopez (Paris) combines original tunes and free improvisations with outstanding melodic and harmonic sense on their new cd “Trillium”. The idea for founding the trio came from a recording session in Ibiza in the studio of Joachim Kühn.

„When Ramon Lopez visited Ibiza I arranged a playing session at my studio with Gerard Guse. The first recording as a duo was amazing. After listening I suggested Gina Schwarz to overdub, to see, how it will sound. The surprise came immediately, she could add something to make the music complete. This is very difficult to do and she did great. A new Trio was born. All 3 musicians went to the studio Casamurada, near Barcelona, to record their first album, but this time together.
Great music came out, open improvisations, personal compositions, grooves to take off. Not like any other guitar trio, this trio has his own sound and music. Highly individual musicians who have something important to say – only by the music.
It is called „Trillium“.
Joachim Kühn, Ibiza 10.04.18

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Cover CD (print)
Gerard Guse
Gerard Guse | © Rafa Peletey
Gina Schwarz
Gina Schwarz | © Thomas Mitterer
Ramon Lopez |© Rafal Drewniany

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